Stobox launches Staking of Stobox Utility Token

STBU staking pool size is 1mm STBU tokens and will be divided between all the participants according to their stake.
18 FEBRUARY, 2021
About Stobox
STBU Token is an innovative digital product that connects multiple venues within one ecosystem and grants its users additional benefits when using multiple Stobox products and services.

In order to provide our community with even more functionality and opportunities, we are launching one more beneficial feature – Staking of Stobox Token.

Now, instead of just holding STBU tokens in your wallet, you can stake them and earn rewards according to the amount of your stake.

Staking pool

STBU staking pool size is 1M STBU tokens and will be divided between all the participants according to their stake.

The average general reward of the whole pool will constitute ±400 STBU per hour and your personal reward will depend on the percentage of the pool you own. The bigger the portion of the pool owned – the higher the reward.

Note, that the reward size is not fixed to a certain amount of tokens you stake and will vary in proportion to the number of participants and their stakes.

Terms and conditions

STBU-holders will be able to participate in staking with a minimum deposit of 10,000 STBU tokens and a maximum deposit of 100,000 STBU tokens.

Once you decide to use the earned reward, you can claim it fully or partially. The functionality also allows you to withdraw the staked amount at any time you want it.

You can find STBU on Uniswap here.

Staking is available only for those users who have the appropriate add-on installed in the browser. For your convenience, we recommend Metamask.
18 FEBRUARY, 2021
About Stobox
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