Stobox Retrospective & Roadmap

Last edited on: February 2, 2021
Stobox was launched as a concept behind tokenization of securities. The idea is to use DLT to reach more investors and reduce dependencies on traditional financial institutions like banks or VCs.
Stobox participates in China Blockchain Experts Asian Roadshow.
Seed investment from the Gene Deyev - 500 000 USD
Borys Pikalov (former theoretical physics researcher, Ukraine National Debate Champion) joins the Team as Head of Analytics and soon becomes a Co-Founder.
The first client for STO consulting services (Client 1)
Ross Shemeliak (former Investment Consultant, Financial Market Analyst, Crypto-Trader) joins Stobox as a Business Development Manager and soon becomes a third Stobox Co-Founder.
Participation in World Blockchain Summit Dubai
Advising services provided to Pilot school from Dubai
Actively expand. Stobox team reaches 10 full-time employees and around 30 part-time co-workers.
Advising services provided to Real Estate project from Hungary
Stobox participates in Malta Blockchain Summit AIBC and wins an Asset Tokenization Award of 2019
Advising services provided to Real Estate project from the US.
Stobox organizes a Digital Securities Workshop along with MDIA to present tokenization concepts to the general public in Malta.
Advising services provided to an international cargo ships company from Greece.
Partnership announced with Kralanx Security / Malta
CEO Gene Deyev launches a promotional trip to Asia
Partnership announced with Zuber Lawler.
Borys Pikalov and Gene Deyev issue a book on Fundraising using Digital Securities. The book has been gladly supported by recognized international lawyers and industry professionals. The Book has been downloaded more than 5000 times.
Partnership announced with iComply KYC/AML provider/ Canada
Partnership announced with Crypto Valley/ Switzerland
Partnership announced with Blocktrade/ Liechtenstein.
Advising services provided to blockchain-based video streaming platform from the UK.
Stobox launches STO Feasibility Assessment Service. It provides complete step-by-step guidelines for Security Token Offerings for international clients.
Advising services provided to a fintech company with 2,000 investors from the Middle East
Partnership announced with MERJ / Seychelles
Published a Real Estate Tokenization Step-by-Step Guidance
Advising services provided to a real estate project from Cyprus.
Partnership announced with Archax / UK.
Advising services provided to an agricultural utilities project from Ukraine.
Advising services provided to an early-stage venture fund from Dubai.
Launch of the YouTube channel with the Stobox Insights where we educate the public on the specifics of Digital Securities and regulatory issues.
Engagement of technology providers, definition of technical requirements for the MVP of the DS Dashboard.
Research on electronic money institutions and payment systems to ensure instant transaction settlement in digital securities against fiat.
Advising services provided to a Real Estate project from India.
Partnership announced with Satchel Pay / Lithuania
Launch of of the YouTube channel with the Stobox Interviews
Participated in Digital Securities Summit.
Advising services provided to a Real Estate project from Switzerland.
Advising services provided to a digital securities exchange from the Philippines.
Advising services provided to a gaming company from Poland.
Advising services provided to an ecology investment platform from Ukraine.
Signed the MOU agreement with 12 companies: Standard Capital, Tokenise International LTD, Cryptodelta, Circlemoon, Igniter100, Quantum Leap Strategy, LRP Lawyers, SBS Dimensions, Rule72 LTD, Ziliak Law;
Completed the Feasibility Assessment Report for the Real Estate Company from Switzerland;
Announced Stobox First Full-Cycle STO client Igniter100;
Successfully hosted first Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference
Beta Release | DS Dashboard 0.9
Registration Alpha Release | Stobox Crypto Exchange 0.9
Alpha Release | DS Swap with the set of Smart Contracts for operations with Digital Securities.
Complete Legal Structure for Stobox Technologies Inc. Security Token Offering
Stobox participates in Asian Blockchain Summit, Singapore Blockchain Week
Pivot. Complete technology stack revision. The updated technology stack looks the following: Go, Lua, Envoy, GRPC, Angular, Paw.
Partnership announced with Una//Partners (World’s Top500 Legal Firms)
Advising services provided to a job portal from the UK
Advising services provided to a Malta-based crowdfunding platform
Advising services provided to a Singapore-based blockchain project
Partnership announced with RLP Lawyers / Liechtenstein
Partnership announced with Block Ventures / UK
Partnership announced with Block Relations / USA
Advising services provided to Startup Incubator from UK
Launching Stobox Utility Token (STBU)
Listing Stobox Token on Probit Exchange
Listing on UniSwap
Registered Stobox Utility Model , to protect Stobox Intellectual Property
Release | DS Dashboard 1.1
Release | Stobox Corporate Website 7.0
Release | DS Swap 1.0
Launch of Stobox STO via Stobox Dashboard 1.1
Release | Stobox Crypto Exchange 1.0
Set-up marketing and lead gen flows for onboarding STO clients
Q2 Target: 3 STO Clients for DS Dashboard
Q2 Target: 1 unique listing on Stobox Exchange
Secondary Trading Launch for Stobox Security Tokens via DS Swap
Integration with fiat provider
Development of the corporate governance and corporate actions features for the DS Dashboard.
Setup of customer support department
Q3 Target: 4 STO Clients for DS Dashboard
Q3 Target: 1 new unique listing on Stobox Exchange
Setup of the representative office in Zurich, Switzerland
Unlock Secondary Trading for Stobox Clients via DS Swap
Q4 Target: 5 STO Clients for DS Dashboard
Q4 Target: 2 new unique listings on Stobox Exchange
Position Stobox Exchange as a leading exchange in Eastern Europe for tokenization of loyalty programs and other endeavours of traditional businesses.
As one said, "business planning is business guessing". We want to be honest, and for this reason don't declare plans for further periods. Too much uncertainty and factors that can shift or change the plan. We value adaptability and flexibility over the rigidness of big corporations with 5-year business planning.
Whatever the market conditions are, our main KPIs are revenues from Stobox operations and going closer to the purpose of uniting traditional and crypto finance. We strongly believe in the concept of Digital Securities and the future escalation of this segment of FinTech.

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