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Our professional team manages the most sophisticated client requests. An eclectic combination of industry backgrounds with one thing in common-profound expertise in digital securities technology, regulatory, and business aspects.
An award-winning company that provides technology and consulting to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities.
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Stobox Core Team

Gene Deyev
CEO, Co-Founder, Angel Investor
Gene is the chief visionary and idea generator in Stobox. He oversees alignment of our actions with the company’s purpose, whether we are moving in the right direction, which new activities we should introduce and which we should abandon. Gene is also the product owner, deeply passionate about each feature and each line of code in our products.
Borys Pikalov
Head of Business Analytics and Strategy, Co-Founder
Borys is the analytical mastermind behind Stobox. He is responsible for the research that drives our strategy (e.g. development of DS Swap), consulting support of clients, and writing most of our analytical and promotional content (including this text and our book). He is also a public figure getting featured in media and interviews.
Ross Shemeliak
COO, Co-Founder
Ross is the Stobox orchestra director. He oversees our day-to-day operations and ensures that everything runs smoothly and is delivered on time. Ross is responsible for translating our strategy into practical steps and synchronizing the team activities. Ross is also involved in the crypto side of our marketing and soon will become a crypto marketing guru.
Danyil Voloshchuk
Legal Officer
Danyil is responsible for refining every word in legal documents, making sure that no agreement goes without of contract and regulators are always happy with our timely reports. He takes care of legal protection of Stobox interests, including responsibility of counterparties and IP protection. Danyil also supports the analytical department in legal research and delivery for clients.
Yevheniy Makovei
DS Dashboard CTO
Yevheniy personally wrote and refined every line of code in the DS Dashboard. He is a young, well-educated and extremely ambitious developer who embodies one of the strongest abilities of the Stobox team - to do with 1 person and 6 months what others do with a 5-people team in a year.
Financial Analyst, MBA, CFA
Iuriy is one of the most senior members of the Stobox team. He is responsible for reviewing and correcting financial and business documentation of our clients to ensure that investors receive accurate information and make an informed decision.
Inna Chernikova
Head of Marketing
Inna is responsible for the quality of Stobox marketing, organizing contractors and internal resources to create videos, blog posts and social media publications. She also oversees the communication with the media where we publish our press releases, quotes and analysis.
Bohdan Olikh
Business Analyst and Technical Delivery Manager
Bohdan is a prominent research specialist with a background in IT business and management consulting who supplies analytics departments with market intelligence and legal insights. He also oversees the technical process, reviews the code, analyzes cost and pricing models.
Nadia Basaraba
Business Development Manager
If you reach out to us, you would probably receive the first response from Nadia. She is our front-line fighter, responsible for initial communications, updating CRM and cold outreach.
Katia Klochan
Operations and Social Media Manager
Katia is responsible for social media copywriting and posting, as well as for supporting day-to-day operations and assisting the COO. She also communicates with you when you reach out to us via social media. Katia is responsible for Stobox decent look in social media activities.
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Iuriy Shykota

Present around the world

Stobox team members participate on a regular basis as speakers and presenters in industry professional events and conferences, making impactful contributions in industry development and knowledge sharing.
Stobox at the AIBC Summit on the 7-8 November 2019
Stobox | Compliant Fundraising Solution | Borys Pikalov | AIBC Summit, Malta
Stobox | Compliant Fundraising Solution | Borys Pikalov | AIBC Summit, Malta
Stobox receiving the "Asset Tokenization of the Year Award" on AIBC Summit 2019
We have written a book to help you navigate the nuances of a security token offering
The Stocks of Tomorrow: Digital Securities Handbook
The book is available now for free download
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