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Transform your business with Stobox digital asset consulting

Crypto assets open opportunities to increase customer loyalty and community engagement, reach new audiences, launch creative business models, facilitate business funding, and much more.

What types of digital assets
can you leverage?

Business models and use cases enabled by digital assets

Do you know other use cases or would like to share your story? Write us ↗

  • Web project monetization

    Let your website users use utility tokens to get access to limited paid features, purchase your products, or make donations.

  • Digital merch and collectibles

    The market of digital collectibles is booming. Just like Jack Dorsey has sold his first tweet as an NFT, you can issue your own tokens to increase brand engagement.

  • Tokenized loyalty programs

    Make your loyalty program more attractive by issuing loyalty point tokens that can be collected and traded.

    loyalty programs
  • Fractional ownership

    Ownership of expensive items like real estate or fine art can be broken down into tokens and therefore democratized.

  • Crowdfunding

    Sell tokens to global investors to finance your growth and tap into alternative sources of funding instead of banks and institutional investors.

  • Marketplace

    Create a marketplace of tokenized items to facilitate transactions and increase access for investors.


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Benefits of digital assets

First movers are already seizing the opportunity

  • Gucci issued a limited edition of digital shoes that can be used for virtual avatars in the form of non-fungible tokens.

  • JP Morgan issued a payment token JPM Coin to facilitate cross-border payments.

  • Holders of Barca Fan Tokens can participate in polls regarding club activity and get special prizes. €1.3 million worth of tokens were sold in two hours.

  • The USDT tokens are backed 1-to-1 by the US dollars and are the most popular payment method in crypto, exceeding even Bitcoin in transaction volumes.

  • Uniswap is an automated liquidity protocol powered by a constant product formula and implemented in a system of non-upgradeable smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Chainlink is a middleware between blockchain and other applications. LINK tokens are used as a payment for the usage of Chainlink network.

Stobox can help you implement best practices of issuing digital assets

We offer you well-tried methods from our own experience. Having worked with 30+ clients worldwide, we have learned the best practices firsthand.

  • digital maginifying
    Transparency measures
  • digital dex
  • hammer
    Exclude unfavourable jurisdictions
  • digital balanced
    Create balanced tokenomics
  • legal document
    Legal setup
  • bird
    Build relationships with social media influencers
  • digital chat
    Proper management of the community chats
  • Have any questions? Feel free to contact our experts!
Supported technologies:

Stobox services

Digital assets business model analysis

At this stage, we analyze the needs of your business and advise on the best way to find synergy between crypto assets and your business to achieve your goals.

  • Digital asset business assessment

    Advice on the digital asset implementation model and the best form of digital asset offering (ICO/IDO/STO/IEO/ITO).

    from $10,000
  • Digital asset consulting

    Advice on the best industry practices and how you can apply them to your business.

    from $450/hour
    min. contract $6,000
Digital assets reports

Separate reports

  • Assessment of utility token model that would be feasible for business yet attractive for purchasers.
    Advice on legal classification of the token.

    ≈ $15,000
  • Legal treatment of utility tokens in chosen jurisdictions

    ≈ $9,500
  • Advice on the technical implementation of the business model, including necessary smart contracts, their interaction, suitable blockchains, existing DeFi solutions to plug in or replicate, etc.

    from $10,000
  • Token financial model, including projections for supply, demand, price points, burn, etc.

    from $15,000
  • Legal treatment and feasible jurisdiction to launch stablecoins

    from $15,000
  • Advice on the implementation of NFTs, including ones related to the Metaverse

    from $12,000
  • Advice on the implementation of DeFi protocols and mechanics

    from $12,000
  • Advice on token liquidity management

    from $5,000
  • Review or draft of the project whitepaper

    from $7,500
  • Advisory

    from $450/hour
Project implementation

As your lifetime partners, we will support you after the issuance to grow the community and maintain price and active trading.

  • Marketing best practices

    Our marketing partners help you with crafting your story for the crypto community, making you as a project attractive, and engaging with the right activities.

    upon request
  • Exchange listing and liquidity management

    We assist with a cross-listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges and support active trading on these platforms.

    upon request
  • Influencer and investor relations support

    Crypto community is thousands of people around your company. They can be a great force to spread the word about you but careful communication and management are necessary, which we can set up for you as a process.

    upon request

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Stobox clients

The Stobox team guides numerous clients worldwide through the process of issuing and managing digital assets.

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