Add liquidity and attract investors to your natural resources business

Even though the natural resources industry generates high profits and promises great returns, fundraising for a natural resources business might be challenging. Businesses usually face such difficulties: inability to take a bank loan without collateral, challenges with capital raising in a particular country of business registration, investing reluctance of traditional investors. Because of this, the production or sale of the potential resources never starts, and their real value and financial benefits remain unrealized.
Tokenization is a revolutionary new way that allows a natural resources business to reach new investors and yield liquidity for assets and securities.

How will your business benefit from using natural resources tokenization?

Become considered a highly innovative and modern company by using advanced blockchain technologies. An improved brand image helps to raise trust from both clients and investors.
Get a better public image of your company
Get one step ahead of traditional physical assets and securities. Trade tokens easily with advanced instruments and win better liquidity. Become attractive to more investors by offering liquid assets.
Increased investment attractiveness by enabling liquidity
Institutional investors and banks aren't the only available way to raise money globally. Crypto and individual investors, who find natural resources attention-getting, are interested in diversifying their portfolios. Such technology offers enchanting perspectives for attracting capital with better fundraising terms.
Access to a wide range of investors
It is tough to get direct cash flow from rare diamonds and other natural resources. Most often, such assets are sold to one buyer or kept with no profit. Tokenization allows to unlock the potential of these assets, so people can easily invest in them by purchasing tokens and getting indirect fractional ownership.
Monetization of illiquid assets

How can you implement natural resources tokenization?

After selling the natural asset tokens to investors and raising funds, the maintenance of assets through the dashboard, such as withholding fees and dividing the investors' cash flow, can be managed by the business or delegated to an outsourcing company.
Post-STO Maintenance
At this stage, the issued stocks are transformed into tokens. On the blockchain, securities become much more approachable, malleable, and liquid. Still, investors receive full legal protection since all tokens are regulated as regular securities.
A business can launch a marketing campaign for the offering from this moment on and start selling tokens to investors globally. Stobox’s marketing partners will help to promote the offering and reach the targeted investors.
The first step is transferring the ownership of assets to the SPV, a Special Purpose Vehicle. Tokenization can be implemented to such assets as gas, oil, copper, gold, uranium, a plant, a mine, etc. Investors will hold natural asset tokens that represent shares in an SPV.
The second model is tokenizing a piece of gold, minerals, metals, etc. In this case, investors own a fraction of the resources that are issued in tokens. A particular amount of the given resource backs the price of such tokens. When the assets rise in price, investors get a proportional share in the total pool. It is much easier to trade tokenized gold, a barrel of oil, gas, copper, or uranium via listing or a liquidity pool on special licensed token exchanges.
Tokenization of natural resources
The first possible model is tokenizing a business that does the sale and extraction of natural resources. In this case, token holders basically become shareholders acquiring securities issued and receive a part of their generated cash flow from extracting, processing, and selling natural resources.
Tokenization of sale and extraction business

Two ways of natural resources tokenization

Tokenization eliminates two main problems of reaching investors

There are 2 main reasons why finding investors for the natural resources business is a challenge.
The industry is capital intensive
Before generating actual profits, the business requires a lot of capital for geological research and mining equipment. Finding investors who would agree to invest a significant amount upfront with no guarantees of success is extremely complicated.
Risks at early stages
The actual presence of natural resources deposits is unknown before the research is started. The fact that the number of minerals in the given area may also be insufficient for the business to become cost-effective creates a significant risk for the investors as well.
How does tokenization solve these problems?
Thanks to granting access to a broader circle of people who wish to participate, tokenization can attract crypto investors to your business. This type of investor is particularly risk-hungry and is willing to allocate significant amounts of money in exchange for future returns. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of trading tokens, it becomes easier for investors to make an early exit, which also plays out for the business as a chance to attract investors both in the early and later stages.

Tokenize with Stobox: how can we help you?

Complete assistance to save your time and money — Stobox provides a turn-key solution for the tokenization of assets such as gas, oil, copper, gold, uranium, etc.
Your token and the platform will continue to get 24/7 support even after your STO is over. We will conduct corporate actions such as supporting investor communities, helping to operate the corporate structure, conducting dividend payments, facilitating secondary securities trading, and solving technical issues.
Lifelong support
We give a soaring viewpoint in approaching investors for your project by using our investor communities and a broad network of marketing investor relations partners.
Assistance with marketing
An across-the-board analysis, consulting, and advisory of your project (helping with setting up the holding company and adopting the proper structure, security determination and picking the best jurisdictions, etc.)
Comprehensive Project Analysis
Drafting regulatory filings, setting up the corporate structure, and other legal documentation. We have studied private placement laws of over 20 jurisdictions; in 10 of them, we have legal partners, which makes us a perfect fit for developing your natural resources business.
Legal Guidance

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