Raise more capital in a simple and effective way

The financial industry nowadays is going through evolution and disruption — everything is moving to the blockchain, and crypto assets are rapidly growing in popularity. Both companies and their investors now expect better and faster services, so in order to fulfill their needs, financial institutions need to adapt.

Financial services tokenization provides new instruments to help you get a competitive advantage by making your operations faster, cheaper, and more powerful.

Who is this for?

Check what benefits tokenization brings in your exact field.
Manage assets with ease, engage more diverse investors, and provide new instruments to clients.
Asset managers
Investment banks and advisors
Use crypto instruments to assist your clients with fundraising more effectively.
Commercial banks
Get an opportunity to liquidate assets received as collateral.
PE/VC funds
Raise more capital and create liquidity for your investors.
Offer new types of assets to your clients and manage them on the blockchain.

Use cases of blockchain in Finance

One technology — hundreds of applications. Find out the perks for each.
All operations on the blockchain are more efficient and conducted in a digital way. This helps to reduce expenses, make your business more scalable, and engage more investors thanks to the automation of various processes.
Simplify investor management
Nowadays, most investors expect high levels of tradability and faster exit opportunities — be able to meet the investor expectations. With the use of DS Swap, tokens are traded much easier than regular private securities.
Increase liquidity via DS Swap
Crypto assets usually bring high profits or a good risk to return ratio, and your investors can be interested in making them a significant part of their overall portfolio. Instruments of decentralized finance will increase returns for investors.
Offer new high-return assets to investors
Some large assets of private equity funds or commercial banks are hard to sell since it is difficult to find one buyer. Tokenization enables fractional ownership and thus allows selling expensive assets like real estate or even the whole portfolio to numerous investors.
Monetize illiquid assets
Deliver more with the help of new crypto instruments: security token offering will reduce the cost of capital for your clients, while liquidity pools will help to provide secondary trading to companies that don’t want to go public.
Provide a wider range of services to your clients
Attract more capital by accessing diverse investors all over the world, including those with smaller checks and modern crypto investors interested in digital assets.
Raise more capital
Operate liquidity pools or buy bad debt from lending protocols in order to earn more and get new opportunities that haven’t existed in traditional finance before.
Create new revenue streams

How does tokenization provide all those benefits?

All operations are completely automated, conducted via a digital platform and smart contracts, and recorded through digital procedures.
Streamlined and fully digital
Recorded on a technical level, certain requirements and limits regarding the type of investors and jurisdictions help to reduce costs and eliminate legal risks.

Built-in compliance requirements
Tokens can be used for automated market making and lending, which enables various operations not available for traditional securities.
Integration with DeFi protocols
Since all transactions are stored on the blockchain, it’s easy to export all of them at one click to use for reporting purposes.
Easy auditability

The virtual assets are going mainstream! Will you adapt or go extinct?

Great convenience, wide access, and high liquidity are rapidly attracting attention so more and more clients start giving preference to tokenized assets over traditional options.
Superior technology
Digital assets ceased to be viewed as high-risk assets by regulators: from the AML standpoint, transactions on the blockchain are very transparent, and it is much easier to monitor and audit them. Therefore, sooner or later, all financial instruments will move to a transparent infrastructure built on the blockchain.
Legislative clarity
The adoption of Central Bank Digital Currency by many countries nowadays proves that the future of fiat is on the blockchain. In order to interact with it, financial instruments need to adapt as well.
Introduction of CBDC

How does tokenization work?

Asset or a fund that needs to be tokenized is transferred to the Special Purpose Vehicle — a specially created company that issues stocks or other securities.
Securities issued by the SPV are transferred to a digital form — tokens that function on the blockchain. This allows them to receive all the great benefits mentioned above.
After the issuance tokens can be offered to investors all over the world via a financial services tokenization platform or your website. An effective marketing campaign will help you reach the target audience.
When the tokens are sold, use the advanced dashboard tools to easily manage the assets and divide cash flows between investors. Use DS Swap to create a secondary market for your securities and provide liquidity.

How will Stobox help you get into new finance?

We provide consulting services on the existing crypto solutions, their implementations, recommend the one that will suit your business model the best, and bring the highest returns.
Consulting and advisory
Assistance with transferring investors relationships to the blockchain
Manage your clients effectively, with higher scalability, and at much lower costs by using the DS Dashboard.
We offer a turn-key financial services tokenization solution and help with every step to facilitate the transfer of your assets to the blockchain.
Support with all stages of the asset tokenization
Introduction to high-quality tokenized deals
Unique deals in real estate, farming, natural resources, cryptocurrencies, and many more — we work with various companies and will be glad to introduce you and your investors to new great investment opportunities.

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Examples of traditional institutions engaging in asset tokenization

A depository that has transferred the management of their securities to the blockchain.
Investment bank that has digitalized management of their clients’ private securities.
A fund that invests in crypto and creates crypto portfolios.
SSE launches solutions for trading tokenized securities.
JPM Coin serves as a tool to enable cross-border payments.