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Security Token Offerings

We offer a set of technology tools as well as industry and legal expertise in the fields of fintech and digital securities.

Why companies need tokenization?

Digital transformation is changing the world around us. We offer modern solutions for business and individuals.
Reach more investors
Tokenization allows you to raise capital from thousands of investors around the world.
Grow your community
A business community network is a valuable asset in today's world of innovations.
Reduce dependencies from banks
Unlike with banks and VCs, you don’t lose control over your business.
Access secondary market
Benefit from access secondary market without going to IPO.
Turn customers into investors
Loyal customers can become investors and actively participate in your business growth.
Simplify investor management
Manage documents, pay dividends, and conduct voting through a streamlined convenient platform.

Tokenization in numbers

The industry of digital securities is constantly being transformed by technological advances. Get an edge by adopting them now.
Reduce minimum investment size
$500+ Million
Security Tokens Market Capitalization
10 times cheaper
Reduce the cost of going public
$3+ Billion
Tokenization deals announced globally
7 times faster
Reduce time to get your shares traded
Security tokens outperformed the top US Indices in 2020
Case Studies
Learn how you can benefit from tokenization in your industry
Financial Services
Tokenization provides new instruments to help you get a competitive advantage by making your operations faster and cheaper, and more powerful.
Energy and Natural Resources
Reduce the cost of capital and create liquidity for existing investors using tokenization of natural resources and precious metals.
Real estate
Investors around the world can enter the real estate market through a fully compliant, fractional, tokenized real estate investment.
The payback period for manufacturing business is comparatively long — enable an early exit opportunity for investors by providing instant liquidity.
Coming soon
Growing businesses usually find it difficult to raise funds via traditional ways like banks or VCs. Equity crowdfunding is an alternative to a private placement.
Coming soon
Art & Collectibles
Tokenization and fractional ownership of collectibles open a gateway to new investment opportunities without letting go of the physical collectible item.
Coming soon

How does it work for your business?

Although, tokenization is a complex process, we provide our customers with the support on every stage.
Get advice and research on the benefits and implementation of tokenization to you business.
Structure your offering and prepare necessary documentation for investors and regulators.
Legal Structuring
Use DS Dashboard to technically issue and manage your corporate securities. Customize your STO.
Technical Setup
Build your marketing campaign strategy in compliance with securities laws and regulations.
Benefit from decentralized P2P swap or list on Securities Exchanges to enable security token trading.
Secondary market

What does our knowledge mean to you?

A clear vision of your offering
Get an optimized solution on how to tokenize, issue and manage STO including the selection of the most appropriate corporate structures, jurisdiction, investors audience, etc.
Double your confidence
Engage Stobox professionals in analysis and preparation of the tokenization of your business to boost your confidence and reduce multiple risks.
Ready, steady, STO!
Get prepared to your Security Token Offering, maximize your performance, reduce overall costs and transform your business via the implementation of blockchain technologies.

Research on your own

Offering Regulation Analysis in the US, EU, and Switzerland
6000 USD
Assessment of various combinations of regulations under which the offering may be conducted, involving local lawyers in each country.
Corporate Structure and Tax Analysis
6000 USD
Assessment of a corporate structure that suits business requirements and their tax implications, depending on the jurisdiction of operations and potential investors.
Marketing Analysis
3000 USD
Assessment of the investors audience for whom the business profile would be the most attractive, and of the best channels to reach them.
General Business Analysis
3000 USD
Assessment of the offering options which suit best to the business objectives and the risk assessment.

Consult with us on your Security Token Offering and save now!

While most of advisers charge based on their immense experience in multiple fields, we have reduced the price back to the real cost. We specialize in digital securities and charge only for that.
Stobox offers a complete Feasibility Assessment solution:
Offering Regulation Analysis in the US, EU, and Switzerland
Corporate Structure and Tax Analysis
Marketing Analysis
General Business Analysis
Minimal Charge
18 000 USD
Get a detailed instructions on how to prepare for an offering independently by email.
Fixed Price
6000 USD
Schedule a free consultation to learn if tokenization works for your business and how you can benefit from it.

We answer the following questions!

Should I do STO, ICO or anything else?
How to structure financials?
How to calculate tokenomics?
Best jurisdiction for tokenization
What is the best corporate structure?
What types of securities to tokenize?
How to manage technology?
Secondary market setup
How to mitigate risks?
Reaching investors. Best practices

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