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Stobox has launched its cryptocurrency to unlock the potential of the blockchain economy and decentralized web. Stobox Tokens grant users additional benefits when using multiple Stobox products and services.

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Centralized Exchange
Stobox Exchange provides full access to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Operations on the Exchange are powered by STBU Token.
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Stobox Utility Token

An award - winning company that provides technology tools to streamline all operations with securities such as raising capital, secondary trading, investor relations, and makes capital markets more accessible and transparent
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award-winning company
Pioneer in the decentralized securities trading
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One token, numerous implications

Grow with us
Growing demand for tokenized products brings new people into the industry. Be among the first.
Lower your fees
Hold more, pay less. Enjoy reduced commissions when paying with Stobox cryptocurrency.
Unlock unique features
Get maximum out of the Stobox products by unlocking paid features with our native token.
Play an active role
Active tokenholders participate in Stobox life and product development. We listen to our community.
Stobox token is an innovative digital product that connects multiple venues within one ecosystem
Key Token Information
Total Supply
100 000 000 STBU
Market Cap
Circulation Supply

Our data is stored on blockchain

We have tokenized our shares on the Ethereum blockchain and are pioneering in technology development and implementation
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Additional information on the usage of Stobox Token

Tokenomics and financial estimates are projected and are subject to adjustments after the real-life data is collected after the full launch in Q1 2021
Total Supply of STBU is 100M. Supply will be released gradually based on the native demand for tokens. Currently it is assumed that no more than 33M tokens will be released throughout the year, starting from November 2020
The Circulating Supply on the first month of exchange operations should not exceed 6M STBU.
The plan for any update in projected supply will be published 1 month prior to any actions taking place.
The Complex Bonus Program is introduced to promote active users to introduce new members to the Stobox community
STBU will be used for paying fees on our exchange and getting better terms. 30% of the fees collected in STBU will be burnt, 30% will form the revenue of an exchange, whereas 40% will be distributed via bonus and referral programs
Users will be incentivized to hold STBU as it will provide them with better fee rates
Holding does not mean staking. A user has to have a certain amount of STBU tokens to experience low fees and bet additional bonuses
STBU is a utility token, a consumer good, and not an investment token. For this reason, we assume a stable price of the token and don't promise or intend any kind of appreciation. However, the token is freely traded and it's value may fluctuate.
Important Notice
The STBU token is not a security or a financial instrument within the meaning of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) of the European Parliament (2014/65/ EU) or within the meaning of The Securities Act of 1933 (US), or any other law that defines securities and financial instruments.

Obtaining of Utility Token is a high-risk activity. This Utility Token in particular is only aimed at experienced professionals who are used to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading and
alter native non-financial instruments. By participating in this Utility Token, the purchaser is aware and accepts the risks related to security, the potential lack of technical and economic results and the total or partial loss of token value. Finally, the purchaser declares being aware of the legal uncertainty of this type of transaction and to have conducted his own legal guidance according to the applicable law to which he subscribes. Indeed, the token grants no financial (income, capital or dividend) or voting rights in the Stobox. The token is a crypto-asset issued by Stobox through the Utility Token and used by the members of the Stobox community.

The Tokens are functional utility tokens designed for use only on the Stobox's business platforms that are yet to be developed. STBU Tokens are not Securities. It is not envisaged that Stobox will actively take any steps to make the Tokens tradable on any regulated or unregulated or primary or secondary market. In the event that you purchase Tokens, your purchase cannot be refunded or exchanged. Stobox does not recommend purchasing Tokens for speculative investment purposes. Tokens do not entitle you to any equity, governance, voting or similar right or entitlement in Stobox or in any of its affiliated companies. Tokens are sold as digital products, similar to downloadable software, digital music and the like. Stobox does not recommend that you purchase Tokens unless you have prior experience with cryptographic tokens, blockchain-based software and distributed ledger technology and unless you have taken independent professional advice.

Stobox Ecosystem Whitepaper
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Legal Aspects
Financial Model
Market Overview
Stobox Crypto Exchange Overview
Stobox Ecosystem Overview
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