Tokenized Securities Swap

DS Swap is a decentralized solution to unlock secondary trading for security tokens.

No brokers are required

No need for a secondary Stock Exchange. Decentralized DS Swap allows small-caps to be traded with minimal costs. Enjoy being public, while remaining a private company.

Swap is a part of the DS Dashboard

Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with tokenized securities. Reach investors globally, enable trading of your shares, and tap into new powerful sources of capital. DS Swap is an additional module embedded into the Dashboard.
Shares are being traded via the company's specially created liquidity pool
Smart contracts make sure that regulations and limits are embedded and enforced
Reduce costs of making your shares or corporate securities tradable
Issuing security tokens and letting your investors freely trade them opens new horizons for your business. You can attract investors worldwide, enter new markets and prepare your business for global operations.

New horizons for your business

Business for global operations
New investors worldwide


There are no special licenses or regulator’s approval required
DS Swap is your own trading venue, for your company and your investors only
Self-controlled and managed
Swap is integrated into the Dashboard where you manage tokenized securities
Easy to setup
Tokenize securities of a private company and swap them among whitelisted investors
Regulations, limits, whitelisting and other compliance functions are embedded
Compliance on-air
With DS Swap you don't have to pay high listing fees to unlock secondary trading
Zero exchange listing fees
Remain being a private company
Shares or other company securities are issued in a form of security tokens
Your company prepares for a Security Token Offering: Legal setup, Technical setup, Marketing & Promotions
Investors can sell their security tokens or buy more using an automated liquidity pool
Your company Security tokens are offered and distributed to different investor classes around the world

How does it work for your business?

Stobox will guide you through the process and advise on every step
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Step 4

Leading blockchain technologies

DS Swap uses an on-chain system of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, implementing an automated liquidity protocol. In other words, your investors can trade tokenized shares of your private company.
Stobox will guide you through the process and advice on every step.
What is a Liquidity Pool?
Liquidity pools are pools of tokens locked in smart contracts that provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges in an attempt to attenuate the problems caused by the illiquidity typical for such systems. Liquidity pool is also a name given to the intersection of orders which create price levels that — once reached — see the asset decide whether to continue to move in uptrend or downtrend. The decentralized exchanges that leverage liquidity pools are the same as those that make use of automated market maker based systems. On such trading platforms, the traditional order book is replaced by pre-funded on-chain liquidity pools for both the assets of the trading pair.
Is DS Swap an Exchange?
No. DS Swap is built on top of Uniswap - an automated market-making protocol.
Who can buy and sell my security tokens?
All investors have to pass the KYC procedure in order to be whitelisted. Only whitelisted investors with set transactions limits can buy/sell securities via the DS Swap.
Are security tokens regulated securities?
Unlike utility tokens, security tokens trading is heavily regulated in most countries in order to avoid law abuse and market manipulation. Stobox embeds regulatory rules into smart contracts and provides the infrastructure to manage KYC/AML data and be able to inspect every transaction. Learn more about the utility tokens vs security tokens difference.
Are there any fees or commissions using the DS Swap?
There are three types of fees that emerge from using the DS Swap. At first, it’s the subscription fee to access the DS Swap. It is paid by the business which has tokenized securities via Stobox. Secondly, once a business creates a liquidity pool, it will collect 0.3% commissions from every trade. These funds are allocated solely to the pool owner - the company that has tokenized its securities. Finally, every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain requires gas fees. Gas fees are paid in order to proceed with any transaction.
How to increase the number of secondary transactions?
Use Stobox Utility Token in order to increase the number of transactions. Depositing a certain amount of STBU unlocks unlimited trading on the DS Swap decentralized venue.
We did it ourselves!
Stobox had transferred 100% of its corporate share equity into security tokens. We have tokenized our shares, distributed them among our shareholders and now offering them to investors throughout the globe.
Learn more about Stobox Security Token Offering
We have tokenized our shares on the Ethereum and are pioneering in technology and implementation.
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