A decentralized application for the issuance and management of Identity and Soulbound Tokens









Merging blockchain wallets with their owners' identities ensures access to the decentralized web in accordance with financial regulations.

Supported chains:


Use cases

The scope of soulbound tokens is huge. From personal ratings and certificates to full on-chain validation of personal data.


On-chain identity validation

Blockchain addresses are, by default, anonymous. Developing the industry is impossible without the personal validation of wallet owners. This is not only a matter of regulating the cryptocurrency market, but also making it possible to expand the functionality of existing systems. Blockchain validation is the next big step in the evolution of Web3. With Soulb ID, dapps can make sure that their users meet the required criteria.


Access to regulated environments

Most financial transactions are heavily regulated in order to avoid a lot of fraud and chaos. Regulations apply both to currencies and cryptocurrencies, and to the issuance and secondary circulation of securities. All operations control is relegated to centralized authorities. Thanks to Soulb ID, it’s now possible to access regulated assets through decentralized applications. For example, access to the security token market will be greatly simplified by using a global ID on the blockchain.


Permissioned access to communities

Decentralized networks should include regulated access to closed communities. At the moment, access is provided through certain tokens that are not tied to individuals. They can be sold, and thereby transfer the right to participate in a closed community, which may violate its ideology. Thanks to Soulb ID and soulbound tokens, guaranteed participation of specific individuals in DAOs or other decentralized organizations and communities is ensured.


Social rankings

Soulbound tokens, namely tokens that cannot be sold or exchanged, can be used as lifetime user ranking systems. Building a DeFi mechanic using such tokens transfers the accumulated qualities of the user into a non-transferable asset directly to the user himself. For example, a user who is an active participant in a dapp can be awarded a Soulb ID token that will determine their superiority over other participants at the blockchain level.

Unique identity and soulbound solution for DeFi or Web 3.0 applications

If you would like to explore cases or potential implementations of Soulb ID and soulbound tokens, please contact us.

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